Summary in English

In April 2014 Saue Rural Municipality Council decided to initiate municipal merging process in Western Harju region - the negotiations between Saue town, Kernu rural municipality, Nissi rural municipality and Saue rural municipality lasted almost two years and on 31st of March 2016 municipal assemblies of these four municipalities approved the merging contact and it was signed by all the municipal leaders (see photo below). As a result  Saue rural municipality will be Estonian capital's Tallinn neighbour with around 21 000 inhabitants starting from October 2017.

Background information

A proposal to start merging negotiations was made to Saue and Keila towns and Keila, Kernu and Nissi rural municipalities. During forthcoming months Keila town refused to participate and the rest of the above-mentioned local authorities accepted the proposal.

In late summer 2014 negotiation activities started with joint seminar in Laulasmaa, after that thematic working groups started to work. The negotiation process is supported by Estonian Ministry of Interior - ministry finances an expert support by Tallinn University consultants. In December 2014 Keila Rural Municipality decided to quit their participation in negotiation process.

During the first months of 2015 number of significant decisions were made by the steering committee of the negotiation processes - it was decided that the administrative center of the future municipality will be located in Saue town, the municipal council will consist 27-members and the elections in 2017 will be organised in one joint electoral region. 

In late April Tallinn University consultants prepared the first draft of the merging contract to be discussed by working groups and stakeholders. The public census took place from the 29th of January to 6th of March 2016 , during this period citizens of the area that are at least 16-years old could vote either in polling stations or electronically in internet.  After the merging decision  the preparation activities will start in order to safeguard that after joint elections in October 2017 new municipality will start effective functioning. If all the currently negotiating municipalities will decide to merge a new municipality will have around 20 000 inhabitants and form a biggest (by population) rural municipality in Estonia.

Contact person:

Kadri Tillemann
Saue Rural Municipality, Coordinator of the Merging Negotiations
+372 50 15 440